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Logan & Finley Lifestyle - Holiday Edition

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Here is the Holiday Edition of our Lifestyle Guide, filled with lots of ideas for enjoying the winter, tackling your goals for the New Year and of course, lots of Sustainable Gift Ideas for those of you who give gifts this time of the year. We hope you enjoy it! There are links to learn more about most things, but as always, please come and see us or reach out and let us know how we can help.

Outfit: Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe to dress up your basics for a holiday celebration

Long Cardigan, Layering Tank, Dark Wash Denim Jeans

Here's a link to some of our Sustainable Living tips. 

Get your copy of Forest Bathing here and while you're in the Gift Collection, have a look at our seasonal book selection.

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, maybe some cool year round picnic supplies would make a great gift. Here's the link to the dishes reminiscent of the vintage Fiesta Ware, but in a bamboo composite for easy care and the other things we recommend every picnic kit could use:

cups, bowls, small plates, large plates, insulated bottle, ( we included the family size - but there are others sizes too) cutlery sets, Turkish towel that doubles as a picnic blanket,  unpaper towels that double as napkins & we have this really cool new stainless steel spork that's not pictured, but would make a great stocking stuffer for someone committed to reducing their use of single use items. 

Super cute wool neck warmer Snood and Hat and comfortable Tunic with pockets are all gift ideas for those who like to be stylish, but cozy too!

And, this Hot Water Bottle with Cover is a favourite for the holiday season. I have had one for years, that I bought on a vacation in Scotland and I use it all the time. It's great hot for aches and pains and I think most teenage girls you know would love one. But it's also great at the foot of your bed to keep your feet toasty.....and don't laugh, but you can freeze the water in the bottle and then also put it in your bed to keep you cool.... if you know what I mean ;) Tired muscles also can benefit from a Steam Bath and some Heat Rub too! 

For Him...we have a small collection of t-shirts and socks and a few flannel pj bottoms left in stock - the socks are online, but the rest is in-store only.  And we have other gift ideas for the guys, the insulated bottles are great for water, but also come with a cafe lid for drinking on the go. And the tablet holder is handy for watching things on your device. This new pumpkin seed chocolate is delicious and this cocktail recipe kit  could come in handy for hosting this holiday season.

For Her...Did you know that most women would love a cozy set of pjs, but often don't buy them for themselves? Here's a cute set, some sleep spray, bath bomb and candle for winding down for the night. For inspiration, 52 Lists for Calm &/or a 52 Lists Planner.

The Little Book of Hygge - give this as a gift with tea, socks and and candle in one of our new kraft paper gift boxes, tied up with made in Canada cotton twine. for a really thoughtful gift. of the items it seems like many of you are looking for is the reusable tea bag. It's both waste-free and solves that nasty problem of "there's plastic in my tea bag" You get two organic cotton ones per box and they wash up beautifully in the wash. This would pair nicely with a reusable mug for a friend or colleague that likes tea and we're getting a delivery of tea this week from Lake & Oak and will update the website with the new blends as soon as it arrives. 

Stefanie's Outfit: Cardigan, T-shirt, Scarf, Jeans 

It's a cute look made from great quality, versatile basics and any one of them would make a great gift. 

Some of these components are available in store only and some are selling out, but the idea is that you can build many different looks if you select the right basics for your wardrobe and giving a gift of a basic, a gift certificate, a shopping trip or a wardrobe consultation would be a great gift idea to someone who would like their wardrobe to be sustainable and ethical. 

Here's a link to learn more about building a capsule wardrobe.

For any woman - the core items: tank, belt, jeans

For the young adult - this is one of the coolest t-shirts and they might like a collapsible, reusable mug too

For the more established woman - a new style of blazer and an insulated bottle 

The Blazer everyone loves. For many it's a bit of a surprise to them, how much they like it. It's made in Toronto, from sustainably harvested bamboo, milled into fibre in a closed-loop ( eco-friendly) way and manufactured here in Toronto. And it's comfortable, and it's really, really flattering and likely it's the best investment most women can make in their wardrobes. 

Gift Certificate

Personalized Shopping Appointment

Both can be purchased from the links above, but if you would like something to give to the recipient, we can also create a paper copy and mail it to you. Our Shipping Deadline to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas is December 17th.

We certainly have things for the more elegant women too. Our favourite pick for this holiday season is the Wool/Cashmere Poncho. It looks great with a blouse and a dress pant and also just with a tunic and leggings too. We also have one that's mostly cotton with just 5% cashmere for those who find wool scratchy and the poncho makes a great gift since it's cozy, can be a way to dress up an outfit and is the perfect versatile item to take with you on vacation. Here are some of our favourite fall looks, but the store changes regularly, so we will be on hand to help you find a great gift if it's clothing you would like to give. 

Reusable Makeup Rounds/Make up Remover/Facial Mist/Face Cloth/ Face & Hand Towel


Robe on the Left  with Sweatpants and Socks

Robe on the Right with Leggings and Socks 

Abeego & Chocosol for every stocking, teacher or host gift

Lavender Eye Pillow, Clay Facial Mask, Foot Cream for a Home Spa Experience

This tall one has been popular and we will try to get more, but we have a lot of options for reusables, check out our Less Waste Solutions Collection for more ideas. 

Coffee Gift ideas: Zero Waste Single Serve Coffee Maker, Organic CoffeeCoffee Scoop, Reusable Coffee Filters 

Snack bags

Litterless Lunch Kit

Reusable Grocery Starter Kit 

Sustainable Living Gift ideas:

Reusable Food Wraps for Everyone!

For a young couple enjoying cooking together: Cookbook, Food Storage Bag, Tablet Stand, Mini Prep Bowls and a Reusable Bowl Cover

Nice Host Gift: Locally Made Hand Soap that can be refilled wrapped in a Linen Tea Towel

For those just getting into "Zero Waste": a useful book, produce bags, bulk bags, food storage bags and beeswax bags, and a paper towel replacement.

Lower Waste Dishwashing Supplies: Dish Block Soap, Soap Dish, Pot Scrubber ( not pictured) Wrapped in a Tea Towel - your choice! 

We're busy restocking some of the bathroom supplies, but we have all sorts of gift ideas for reducing your waste with your personal care items:

Bamboo Toothbrush/Natural Toothpaste & Tooth Tablets/Silk Dental Floss in a Refillable Container, Facial Rounds, Natural Pumice, Plastic-Free Hair Organic Cotton Hair Ties, Bamboo Hair Brush, Shampoo Bar & one of our Soap Dishes in Ceramic or Wood, to keep your Bar Soap lasting longer. 


Check out one of our favourite cardigans....worn above by Hannah, It's a really comfortable and lightweight natural fabric and is really easy to wear and if you're looking for a gift for someone who travels a lot, this is the one for them. Also, these "pants" are like a warm tight, but have back pockets so they are really comfortable too, add a scarf and off you go. We have you dressed for the plane and you can decide if you're packing warmer layers or cooler layers, depending where you're headed. Also, these little silicone bags are great for travel - for toiletries or to keep your things organized in your bag. Aren't you going to be the coolest kid on the trip!

The to go Items:

zip pouch/handkerchiefs/spork/mini collapsible cup 

We love this book The Home Edit  & think we might plan an event early in the new year with an organizing expert.....adding some beautiful solutions to your home is nice for those who enjoy cleaning and making a grocery list and food plan. And this might be the perfect gift for this person on your list. A reusable tote with a recipe organizer inside. Lemons are optional.

Reminder here: how to create a Wish List , in case you wanted to drop any hints. And we're busy trying to get restocked and ready for you in the shop, with lotos more ideas and options, so look forward to seeing you soon!


Thanks to Jocelynne for her beautiful photography and help getting this all put together and to Stefanie, Genevieve & Anna for their modelling! 

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