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Logan & Finley Community Profile -Meet Genevieve

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Meet Genevieve another of the beautiful models from our Fall photoshoot. She's an actor, who also happens to be a holistic nutritionist & you can find her modern holistic living and wellness inspiration on Instagram @kikanblvd


How would you define your lifestyle?

As conscious as possible. I try my best to live with self-awareness, both physically and mentally, where I can make the best choices for me. This includes striving towards a sustainable lifestyle — one that honours my body and also pays respect to the environment. Having studied holistic nutrition, I have a deep understanding of my individual needs and how I can nourish myself from the inside-out within all aspects of wellness. 

Is spending time in nature important to you? Tell us why!

Yes, absolutely. I grew up on the west coast and spending time outdoors was a huge part of my childhood and something I very much took for granted. When I completed high school I moved to Toronto to study theatre, and after spending over a decade here, it’s only more recently that I’m beginning to entertain the idea of moving back to my roots. I miss the close proximity to the forest and ocean. There’s a wholeness I feel when immersed in nature that I don’t really experience anywhere else. The vastness of the ocean or the darkness of the forest — nature leaves me feeling infinitely smaller than the world around me, and there’s something very calming and grounding about that.

On a scale between 1-10, how ‘Green’ would you say you are?

I’m not sure how to rate myself on a ‘green’ scale. I try my best to make conscious choices that align with my values each day. I always bring a reusable water bottle and my own bamboo utensils and canvas tote bags. Whenever possible, I buy in bulk and choose products that have minimal, recyclable packaging. I choose reusable linen napkins over paper and most (if not all) of the storage in my home is glass or ceramic-based. A more recent step I’ve taken towards living with greater awareness is to research things like personal care products, cosmetics, and clothing before purchasing. I think it’s really important to be informed about what we are consuming and how these things are made. It’s not about being perfect, but rather doing the best with the resources we have. 

What excites you about choosing a sustainable lifestyle?

Minimizing my carbon footprint by lessening the waste I create, and cultivating a healthy relationship with the environment around me. I believe that how we treat our environment — our home and others around us — is not only a direct reflection of how we feel about and treat ourselves, but that this energy we put out is the currency for what we’ll get back in return. Spend wisely.

Was there an ‘aha’ moment you recall where you realized you wanted to put more effort towards sustainable living?

At the beginning of this year, I noticed how much packaging we accumulate from the things we buy, particularly with personal care products and cosmetics. I’ve been really into overhauling my skincare routine over the past several years, during which time I tried numerous products and in doing so, created a lot of packaging waste. Today, my skincare regime is not only effective, but I’ve really minimized the amount of products I use, so there is less waste and packaging overall. I also try to reuse any containers or bottles from old products, and I've reached out to my favourite brands to ask about recycling their packaging and to encourage them to accept empty bottles for reuse or to be refilled. 

If you were to give advice to others about embarking on a ‘greener’ life and style, where/how would you tell them to start? 

Start small and research your options. So much of adopting a particular lifestyle is linked to defining our core values. I think it’s important to ask yourself what’s most important to you when it comes to living a ‘greener’ lifestyle and then go from there. Otherwise, some great places to start making an impact immediately: saying no to single-use plastics and bringing your own reusable bag/water bottle/mug/utensils wherever you go. Another great option: make more of an effort to reduce food waste at home by meal planning, only buying what you need, and properly storing food so it doesn’t perish as quickly.

What are you passionate about? Where do you find inspiration?

The human condition and storytelling; telling stories about the human condition. I’m an actor, so I’m fascinated by human behaviour and psychology. I’m interested in our relationship to one another and to our environment. For me, human interaction is mesmerizing and I find inspiration in people watching. 

How did you hear about Logan and Finley?

I first heard about Logan and Finley through my dear friend Marie, who is a holistic nutritionist and integrative wellness specialist. 

What’s your most treasured item from Logan and Finley? Why?

My stasher bags! I only own a few, but they’re such a great investment, especially for packing snacks on the go.

What place do you think Logan and Finley has in helping Torontonians live a greener life and style?

I think that Logan and Finley is such a great place for Torontonians to simply get acquainted with or completely immersed in living a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle. There’s such a wide variety of products that can ease making more conscious lifestyle choices, and the staff are helpful and informative. I love the approachability of Logan and Finley — the store itself is inviting, as are those who work at the shop. This makes sustainable living more accessible. I know Logan and Finley has hosted workshops or events aligned with sustainable living, and I think it would be really exciting to see more of this — more community outreach and awareness.

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