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Logan & Finley Community Profile - Meet Stefanie

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Some of you have met Stefanie already - she helped us out at the shop a bit last fall when she first moved to Toronto....I miss her window display skills! She's an actress and entrepreneur and was one of our models for our fall photoshoot and part of our Life and Style of Interesting People Profile. See how she answered our questions below.

How would you define your lifestyle?

I would define my lifestyle as on the go. I am often running around the city or travelling for work.

Is spending time in nature important to you? Tell us why! 

I grew up in the mountains north of Montreal. I love nature and whenever I feel overwhelmed or I need to feel grounded I head up there. Whether it’s a walk by the water or a jog in the woods, I take a few deep breaths and close my eyes. I always feel better after being in nature.

On a scale between 1-10, how ‘Green’ would you say you are?

I would say I'm about a 7. I am aware of being green and in some areas I have made drastic cuts and in other areas I need work .

What excites you about choosing a sustainable lifestyle?

It’s important to acknowledge that the small changes we make in our day to day lives are super important. I love when I find a new trick or new item that I know will help make the planet a little greener.

Was there an ‘aha’ moment you recall where you realized you wanted to put more effort towards sustainable living?

My last AHA moment was when I was swimming in the ocean in Spain. I looked around me & saw hundreds of little tiny pieces of shredded plastic. You hear about this, but seeing it was a real eye opener for me. Those tiny pieces of plastic are being consumed by fish and then we consume the fish. It just doesn’t make sense.

If you were to give advice to others about embarking on a ‘greener’ life and style, where/how would you tell them to start? 

Start by bringing one reusable with you. If you need to grab something on your way at least you won’t be using a plastic bag. THINK ABOUT THE FISH ;)

What are you passionate about? Where do you find inspiration?

Over the years I have come to find several things I am passionate about. I love to crochet, take pictures and of course my main thang - acting.

How did you hear about Logan and Finley?

Logan and Finley was one of the first stores I shopped at when I came to Toronto. I sort of stumbled in and fell in love right away!

What’s your most treasured item from Logan and Finley? Why?

For me it would be the reusable drinking cups - S'well for water & Keep Cup for coffee! The S'well bottle keeps my water cold and I don’t have to feel guilty about buying plastic bottles. As for the Keep Cup: I'm a caffeine junkie so I always need a coffee! Reusable means I am creating less waste and that makes me feel proud.

What place do you think Logan and Finley has in helping Torontonians live a greener life and style?  

Logan and Finley offers a personalized touch so you really feel like you’re buying local which adds to the experience. It is very important to have a place that you can buy everything you need from personal care items to home etc., it's a one stop shop for a greener life!


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