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Logan & Finley Community Profile - Meet Palak

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Meet Palak, founder and CEO of Embiria 

Embiria offers creativity, wellness, and self-growth-focused experiences that allow you to unplug from your day-to-day and just be. Led by expert facilitators in Toronto’s most inviting spaces, Embiria’s Experiences allow you to learn, play, and create with like-minded people. Some examples of experiences include Intro to Calligraphy, Yoga x Brunch, Macrame and more! Palak was one of our models for our Fall photo shoot, which featured all women who have started their own businesses. A woman who opened a business that focuses on events and experiences was someone we were excited to meet and are happy to introduce her to you in our Life and Style of Interesting People Series. See how she answered our questions below:

How would you define your lifestyle?

I would say balanced. I started my own business (Embiria Curated Experiences) just under 2 years ago after spending 10+ years in corporate business and marketing. Although it’s been a big shift in learning to navigate entrepreneurship, the company is focused on experiences rooted in creativity, wellness and personal growth so I’m constantly reminded of how key these pillars are to my life. Although I work hard, I think it’s really important to find joy in the day to day and so I really make an effort to treasure the people and practices that provide that for me. I’d also say I’m quite minimalist, placing much more value on experiences over things, and trying to keep my lifestyle simple where possible.

Is spending time in nature important to you? Tell us why! 

100%. I’m a city girl and have been living in downtown Toronto for 10 years, however I love any chance to be out in nature. I travel often, and am usually exploring areas by the water or places surrounded by greenery. I notice an immediate difference in my mindset when in nature - a sense of calm and feeling grounded washes over me and impacts the rest of my day. I love the days when I can make time for a quick walk in the sunshine, or take a few minutes to sit on a park bench with the latest book I’m into. I think time in nature some of the best medicine for our well-being.  

On a scale between 1-10, how ‘Green’ would you say you are?

Probably a 7, but always striving to up that number!

What excites you about choosing a sustainable lifestyle?

I feel that we are a society of over-consumption, but that there are so many little things each of us could do which would have a huge impact as a whole - and the possibility of that excites me. I love being able to make conscious, intentional decisions that are good for the environment, that I can also feel good about.  

Was there an ‘aha’ moment you recall where you realized you wanted to put more effort towards sustainable living?

I think I’ve had many moments along the way. I was actually raised in a vegetarian household and have been vegetarian my whole life, so I feel like a sustainable lifestyle has inherently come more naturally to me.

When I moved downtown from the suburbs, I also realized the need to declutter and minimize, given I would be living in a smaller apartment space. Going through that shift allowed me to reflect on how many things I owned, and how little I actually needed. It was very eye opening and since then I’ve become much more mindful of my consumption.

If you were to give advice to others about embarking on a ‘greener’ life and style, where/how would you tell them to start? 

There are so many ways to get started. Biking is a big one for me - it’s the quickest mode of transportation around the city, and so environmentally friendly. Bikeshare is a great option if you don’t want to invest in a bike right away.

Green beauty is also something I’ve gotten into within the past few years - trying to find natural replacements of products I use on a daily basis (from deodorant, to make up, to shampoo). It’s really important to notice that what we put on our bodies, goes into our bodies.

I’d also say rather than going out and purchasing new things, check out sites that allow you to buy and sell used items. There are a bunch of apps and sites out there that you can use. And if you are going to purchase something new, then consider buying from a brand that is eco-friendly (if the option is available).

What are you passionate about? Where do you find inspiration?

I’m passionate about exploring the world (different countries, cultures, and ways in which people live), and I’d say that travel is my biggest source of inspiration. I’ve spent some time living in both Italy and countries throughout South America, and I’ve always come back from those travels feeling more inspired than ever. I’m also passionate about authentic conversations and deep connections, and feel motivated by connecting with like-minded individuals. Lastly, books! Books of various genres always inspire me.

How did you hear about Logan and Finley?
I first saw the store on one of my lovely walks down Queen West, and then I had the pleasure of recently attending a workshop there.

    What’s your most treasured item from Logan and Finley? Why?

    I have a few! But I’m loving my cork Keep Cup so I can start my day with tea and refuel as I need. Also, stasher bags! An awesome alternative for storing food in the fridge or freezer.

     What place do you think Logan and Finley has in helping Torontonians live a greener life and style?  

    I love that they support eco-friendly brands and provide sustainable options to purchasing items that you wouldn’t necessarily think of buying an eco-friendly alternative for (like clothing). It’s a one stop shop with a great selection!

    We love being a one-stop shop! And we love meeting interesting people like Palak and look forward to attending one of her events in the near future....and maybe seeing if she might even plan something fun for us?! 

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