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Gift Guide

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We know this is a busy time of the year & wanted to do some of the leg work for you. We will share gift ideas here daily. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or could use some help with a custom gift box or some gift ideas. 


Gift ideas for the Goal Setter

Let's face it. She's likely already started setting goals for 2024. So these gift suggestions might help her with her wellness goals.

1. one reusable vessel that's good for water infusions, tea or coffee and this one comes with a neoprene cover to keep the drinks insulated and your hands from getting to warm or cold

2. locally made aromatherapy roll ons

3. a monthly planner that's made in Canada with each month at a glance, a place for birthdays and notes

4. Notebook for all the thoughts, ideas and stories

5. a cozy organic cotton blanket and some night time rituals to support relaxation and sleep, book , tea, unscented weighted eye pillow


Another couple of options: 

Gift Card, so they can plan their sustainable wardrobe. Choose the amount that you like and you can email it or print and give in a card or stocking

A classy lunch kit for those who take a lunch to work and if budget allows, you could add the matching spork, some unpaper towels as napkins and a fun tote to carry it in.




Stocking Stuffers

Here is a list of small items that would easily fit into stockings:

Love this set from Toronto's Matter Outdoors, with lip balm and mini sizes of the all heal salve and the heat rub. CLICK HERE for the set, or the items are tagged as well.

Lip Scrub

Tinted Lip Balm

Glass  Nail File

Foot Balm

Shower Steamers

Bath Salts

Bath Bombs

Stain Remover

Unpaper Towels

Bowl covers

Beeswax candles

2024 Planner or Calendar

And of course, socks!

Here's the link to our Sock Collection with options for both men and women


Gift Ideas for the low waster

1. A stylish resuable tote like this one is great as a gift or stocking stuffer, but it can also be reuable wrap for another gift

2. snacks on the go

3. these can be many things, but they are really great as handkerchiefs

4. This is a cool 3 in 1 drink container. You can use the strainer for loose tea or coffee, fill up the double wall glass container with "spa" water  and it comes with a neoprene case to protect it and keep your drink insulated. 


Reusables are great to replace single use items, but they also can help you stick with your goals like to take your lunch to work more often. There's a lunch set that I use most days, that includes the snack box above a spork. And Unpaper Towels make great reusable napkins. Lunch Box & Condiment Container


Gift Ideas for the traveler

1. Comfy pants that you can wear on a plane, dress up when needed and also wear for a yoga class

2. Turkish Towels make great travel companions. Can be worn as a scarf & used as a beach towel or light blanket as needed

3. Comfortable socks are on all lists, but especially for all the walking that people usually do on a trip

4. A travel soap dish to carry your bar soap & shampoo & conditioner bars

5. The tote that everyone is raving about including New York Time's Wirecutter , can double as an overnight bag, carry on, work bag as it takes a laptop and/or tablet


Gift Ideas for those who like relaxing evenings at home


1. pictured above is the Nina Set, but we have more options in the PJ Collection

2. 100% Organic Cotton Turkish Towels

3. Bath Salts

4. Locally Made Candles

5. Cozy 100% Cotton Blanket 


One of our best selling gift boxes is the Calming Bath Box

But for cozy evenings, the PJ Gift Box and the Tea Lovers Box could also be good options & here are a few options for men:

PJ Bottoms

Turkish Towel

Bath Salts

Bath Bubbles

Beeswax Candles


Here's a link to the Men's Gift Ideas Collection



Small gifts

These are great for gift exchanges, stocking stuffers, bundling together to make a themed gift box and also for end of year appreciation gifts for teachers, caregivers, service providers, hosts and all your favourite VIP


Flower Cap

Bud Vase

Tea Light Cozy

Mini Hand Soaps, these pair nicely with an Organic Cotton Turkish Hand Towel

Hand soap/Handcream Set


Gingerbread Cookie Tea and/or Gingerbread Cookies

And these ready made gift boxes might make a good option too:

Tea Lovers Box  

Warm and Cozy 


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