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January 7, 2024 Edition


I just heard this week that we will not be getting our Spring 2024 order from Thought Clothing. It's a disappointment since we had such beautiful things ordered that you would have loved.

Can fashion ever truly be responsible? Yes, when you choose style and good design over trends. Buy better, buy less. 

In a market that's oversaturated with fast fashion, it was nice to see a brand like Thought Clothing delivering beautifully designed clothing that was both ethically made and made with sustainable fibres.  Here's a link to what we have in stock from Thought Clothing, but I wanted to call out some of our top selling basics that we have sourced from Thought Clothing and encourage you to have a look at them, while we still have some in stock.  

based on the kinds of questions I get regularly, I don't think it's well known that clothing is ordered about a year in advance and when a brand decides to stop selling through retail stores or goes out of business, we don't generally get much notice, so it's difficult, if not almost impossible to replace styles we were planning on. So that's why I want you to have a look at these now - just in case they could fill a need in your wardrobe.


The POSIE cardigan pictured here and above is a 100% Organic Cotton cardigan that's very flattering and easy to wear. We styled it closed on Stefanie to show that it can be worn as a sweater on it's own, but also takes a layer well under it and here on Jean we were showing that it made a great layer under other things as well. She's also wearing one of our best selling t-shirts, also a Thought classic style that's 100% Organic Cotton and available in long sleeve and short sleeve options.

GOTS Certified, Fair Trade Organic Cotton Long Sleeve T-shirt

Our Best Selling style from all the basics that we have stocked from Thought Clothing is the Dashka Trousers and they are great as a travel pant, a casual pant and even dresses up nicely too when needed.

Shown here in a seasonal pattern and below in classic black 


And, so many people really love the Thought Socks as well, so have a look at your supply and see if you could use a solid black basic or something fun like this

All Thought Clothing Styles we have are HERE


November 9, 2023 Edition

Do you know when you like something so much, you're a little sad when it's in the laundry? For some of us who favour the uniform approach to dressing, sometimes considering a 2nd of something or something similar is a great options. This week's feature is on styles that our customers like enough that they buy a second. And I hope when you review this, you will see that having some similar favourites doesn't need to be boring.

Here's the link the Instagram Live, if you would like my commentary and to see the items on camera.

A list of styles that people enjoy on repeat, starting with t-shirts/tops:

Annie - pictured above in one of the five patterns with organic cotton jeans and in one of the two solid options with the St James pants that also made this list

People seem to really like the Annie because it's soft 100% cotton that's comfortable and easy to wear. It's a t-shirt that's looks like a blouse, but in an easier care format.


Jilaana- pictured above in one of the two stripes with the super comfortable organic cotton/recycled cotton jeans and in one of the three solid colours with another customer favourited pant, the cropped cargo pant also available in a full length option

Jilaana is a short sleeve shirt that many wear year round. It's a blend of organic cotton and tencel and light, breathable and dressy enough to wear with a blazer to the office and nice enough, that if you remove your blazer, you still look very stylish.

Cassie is a fun 100% fair trade cotton option, with a little more novelty than many of our top sellers. It's available in different options seasonally and has lots of great details

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton T-Shirt long sleeve & short sleeve it's a really nice slub knit that's really comfortable and stylish on it's own, but a really great layering piece and like it's style name it's 100% GOTS certified, fair trade organic cotton & it's been discontinued from the brand, so if you could use a basic, give it a consideration while we have in stock

Essential Bamboo T-shirt long sleeve and short sleeve is made in Toronto from Bamboo and it has a nice soft hand and somewhat flowy fit 

Sweaters are next and the one pictured above is an updated version of our best selling item from last year...and it's styled very casually in the picture, but many wear it with a pair of trousers for a great work look as well. 

Merinaa - pictured above is 100% organic cotton and a nice weight on it's own, but also nice with a layer under it or over it too. 

Lulu Cardigan - a 100% Organic Cotton button front cardigan in lots of colours

Posie Cardigan - a 100% Organic Cotton Cardigan with a v-neck, pictured below, with the GOTS Certified T-Shirt 

Laarni Sweater - what I like to call an over/under. A style that's great on it's own, but also works well as a layer over a top and also looks great under a top too and it's a super soft blend of Organic Cotton and Tencel

Customer favourited pant options:

*See the post below for more on the pants since they are all good options

St James



Magdaa pictured below with the Cotton Stretch Blazer, which is also a style people would happily have as part of their "uniform"

Cargo Straight Leg



And one style you have seen and will see me wearing and it's a really great example of a layer for under or over basics as well. It's a very soft and comfortable 100% Organic Cotton and almost like a lightweight sweater weight. 

The Jaanisa is show here with the Kaathia Turtleneck and a Denim Jacket and all can be worn together.


 October 25, 2023 Edition

This week's edition focuses on pants. It sems like this is something many of us need for our day to day lives and sometimes an update can help you make so many more outfits more comfortable and stylish. Here's the link to the Instagram Live review of pants if you prefer to watch it 

Here are the links to pants that seem to be working for many of our customers and we'd love you to consider if you could use some pants. 

1. Belle Wide Leg Trouser is our dressiest option. It's great if your office is a little more formal or you're looking for a comfortable pant that can also double as a  dress pant. I paired for the IG Live with a new top from White Stuff with a little sparkle, thinking this would be nice for a special occasion and also since it's a cropped pant, an intentional sock is a great idea, especially if you're going to be removing your shoes or boots. 

Style Tip for cropped pants:

  • make sure you're choosing a sock that you are okay to show
  • generally looks best if it hits at your ankle and you pair with a tall or short book, or an oxford or loafer. If you're wearing with a "cool" sneaker you can show some ankle and wear a sportier top. If you're wearing a "functional" sneaker, then choose a fun coordinated sock to tie the look together

Style Tip for wide leg pants: 

  • make sure your top is not too long, esepcially if you plan to wear it untucked. Aim for it to land half way between your natural waist ( top of hip bone) and the bottom of your hip bone so it doesn't look bulky or if wearing a longer shirt jacket or blazer, wear a more fitting inner layer to make sure you can still see your waist ( feel free to get some personalized help with this or any other style tip)

Outfit pictured with the Kilburn pant: Lightweight Sweater, Scarf, Blazer

Outfit pictures in the IGLIVE with the Kilburn: Lightweight Sweater, Organic Cotton ShirtJac , Socks

2. Kilburn Pant

The Kilburn pant and well as the other styles from FIG Clothing, are an exception to our natural fibre criteria. They have some Nylon in them that seems to make them last forever, as many of our customers will attest, having owned a pair or more in this fabric over the years.  (see what people have to say about the SOZ here) They wear and wash really well, keep their shape and keep their colour. 

The Kilburn is a really easy to wear pull on cropped wider leg pant and it seems to suit a lot of people & is really easy to dress up or down as desired and isn't as wide as some, so easier to also pair with all your everyday top options. 


Pictured above with the Himaari: Bamboo Blazer and our two best selling tops, the Jilaana and the Annie

With the Himaari on the IG LIve, for a dressier option

3. Himaari

This is the widest of the pant options and make a really great comfortable dress pant. It is wider through the hips and legs and may need to be hemmed, but it's a very classic pant that would be a great wardrobe addition for years to come and it's in the same great fabric as one of our top selling pants:

4. the Madgaa

 Outfit above : Magdaa pants and Cozy Sweater

Outfit from the IG Live with these pants: Annie & Posie

Pictured above with a wrap top, tucked in

Pictured on the IG Live with a tunic length shirt

5. St James

This is one of the pants that suits almost everyone who tries it. It looks like a dress pant, but it's very soft and stretchy and definitely built to last. It has functional belt loops should you want to add a belt, but they are very low profile and I would expect most people will not feel the need to add one.  If you needed one pant - for work, dress up and play - this might be the one!

6. The Jodhpur

This one is like a dress legging with pockets or a dressy jogger that you likely will wear for yoga, walking the dog and dressing up to go out....it's very comfortable with a wide soft waist. We like it with a cozy sweater like shown above & it works with a blouse and/or blazer too. But we recommend this one for casual, with the occasional dress up if needed.

7. OTH Pant

This is the jogger we recommend as a work pant ....and a comfortable and stylish one. Of course it's great for those not heading to school or office as well, but it's a jogger that lends itself to looking professional. It has a structure and a soft, comfortable waistband and side pockets.

Style tip: to dress up a jogger style pant, wear a short boot that hits at the cuff and this instantly makes it look dressier than if you wear wiith a sneaker. Also, you can elevate it by making sure your top is tailored. It also does go well with casual options too, of course. 

8. Dashka seasonal print and Dashka Solid

We have had this style for a while and it's popular year round for lounge, yoga and travel and does come in solid navy and solid black as well as the print pictured above. We dressed it up with a blazer here to show that you can....and if your blazer is the soft and comfortable, you might want to.  And, for anyone looking for maternity pants - we have had quite a few customers wear these really comfortably throughout their pregnancy and also it's a comfortable postpartum option too. 

9. Straight Leg Cargo Pant & Straight Leg Pant

We haven't photographed these pants on any of our community models yet, but they are the go to work pant for a lot of people, especially when paired with the matching blazer.  They are a full length, classic style with a straight leg, so any sort of shoe or boot goes well and while they have a bit more structure in their brushed cotton "hard pant" style, they are very soft and comfortable. And we can't wear "soft pants" everyday, right?

10. Smoothing Legging

This is an incredibly soft, made in Canada Legging by Duffield Design and we like it with a shorter dress and socks & boots instead of tights ( with feet)  for a more comfortable casual look and of course these are great for tunics as well. They are pictured above with a sweater dress



October 5, 2023 Edition

This week, we shared some outfit ideas in an Instagram Live and if you would like to see it, click here 

Our focus was on versatility; if you can wear things at least three different ways, you get the most wear from these items. We love the idea of pre-planning this, but also being spontaneous and trying some things together. You don't always like the result, but sometimes you end up loving it, so we think it's worth a try!

Atina is wearing the Wide Leg Jeans from White Stuff, a Blouse from Thought Clothing and a machine washable Blazer from Duffield Design.  Romina is wearing a Sweater from Thought Clothing and Pants from Armed Angels.  We love recommending some pops of colour in your Fall/Winter wardrobe for a mood boost on the grey days.  You can click on any of the highlighted words throughout this blog to learn more about these styles on our website

Atina's Outfits:

We wanted to show three different ways to wear the Fawn Pin Tuck Blouse, but you could use this idea with the blouse or shirt of your choice. Our selection is here in the Women's Sustainable Clothing Collection.

First outfit, shown and tagged above is the dressiest option

Second outfit we exchanged the blazer for a cozy sweater coat

Third outfit, we put the blouse with a jogger and a hoodie for a much more casual look. All are of course also comfortable!

Next up, we shared four more outfit options for the jogger since we know many of you love a comfy pant option that you can wear everyday. 

 Left -we paired the jogger with a really pretty cotton/linen blouse

Centre -we added a warm and cozy sweater

Right- we added a lightweight sweater and a blazer

A lot of you love a nice dress year round and these are both is  great weight for 3 seasons for sure. Wear Spring and Fall as is and then layer tights and sweaters or blazers for the Winter. We're showing both Romina and Atina in a more casual sweater coat & Shacket, but they can both be dressed up as well. Remember, we're focusing on getting the most wear from your favourite clothing items 

 Atina's Dress & Sweater Coat

Romina's Dress and Shacket


 Romina's Outfits:

She's wearing one of our best selling pants - one that a lot of people like for a work or travel pant and we styled of with three different outfit ideas.

Left - Stretch Cotton Blazer, Blouse & Magdaa pants

Centre - Soft knit blazer, plaid blouse with the same pants

Right - Warm & Cozy Sweater


This Shacket makes a repeat appearance, since it's such a great third layer for so many outfits (Shacket = Shirt/Jacket )  and it's paired with a lightweight sweater and another of our top selling everyday pants. One of the things we did with Romina's outfits was to mix navy and black, to inspire you to do the same. In the pictures above, she has a black blazer on with navy pants & here she has on a navy sweater with black pants. 

More outfits with the St James Pants:

Left - with best selling top knit "blouse"

Centre - with the same blouse from above, but with a more casual sweater

Right - with a dressy wrap top - we have it tucked in, but it looks great untucked and has a generous amount of figure flattering ruching. 

Lots more outfits and tips are shared in the Instagram Live if you would like to watch, but to end this weeks review, see below for both models wearing the Organic Cotton Eco Dog Walker Sweater - one with a cropped wide comfy dress pant ( yes this exists) and the other in a printed legging. As always, we're available to help you find your very own personalized options either virtually, or ideally in our new shop at 77 Florence Street, Studio 105 so you can try things on and experiment with us!



 September 14, 2023 Edition

We have some favourite suggestions for ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable and in this week's edition we are  featuring some of our top selling styles from last year.  Basics don't need to be boring. They can help you make so many outfits and if they are soft, comfortable and fit you well, you will want them on constant rotation in your every day wardrobe. 

We took some of these basics and styled them on two of our Community Models so you can see how many different ways you can wear them. If you prefer to see the video, here's a link to watch this week's Instagram Live Style Session 


Let's start with denim. If you have one pair that you really like that are in a mid to dark wash, you will be able to wear them with your whole wardrobe and dress them up if needed for a work event or dinner out.

Outfits pictured:

Jean ( on the left) Armedangel's Tilla , paired with an organic cotton tank and an organic cotton sweater for an upscale casual look

These mid rise skinny jeans from Armedangels are made from a mix of sustainable fibres that makes them soft and comfortable to wear.  TILLAA X STRETCH, the extra-stretchy, mid waist skinny jean has a  midnight blue colour & is also available with 20% recycled cotton (pre-consumer).
Fabric: 71% Organic Cotton, 20% Recycled Cotton, 7% Recycled Polyester, 2% Elasthane


Nikki (on the right) Thought Clothing's Essential Straight Leg , styled with an eco-vero blouse

An everyday wardrobe essential from Thought Clothing. The perfect combo of durable classic denim and an incredibly flattering fit - buy now, keep forever. They are slimming on the waist, hip and thigh with a relaxed leg. Can be easily dressed up or down, they're so versatile.
Fully OEKO-TEX® certified premium denim, the highest social and sustainability accreditation out there. We kept emissions to an absolute minimum by using an on-site laundry and chemical free wash - less transportation, less water waste and no nasties.



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