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Sustainable Shopping Tips

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I’m starting a new series & it’s called: Questions I get.

Yes, I am that person that had a question and wasn’t afraid to ask. And many times I got thanked by others for being bold enough to ask. So I thought I would share occasionally questions that I get asked frequently and hope that some of you find the answers helpful.

Will you always have that is often a question someone asks when they are leaving behind a “basic” in lieu of a more novelty style when they are shopping. The answer really is situational, since each of our wardrobes are different. If you have a great collection of basics then maybe the more unique piece makes sense for you. my general advice is to always go for the style that you know you will wear. . As to the will you always have this. The answer is no. Like a grocer doesn’t have peaches in October, there is always some seasonality to clothing and once somethings are sold out, they are not available to get again.

Some basic styles are not offered all year round and sometimes even with the best planning by retailers and brands sometimes things sell out. . So, if you really like something and are always frustrated that it’s in the wash, or you find a pant that actually fits you perfectly & you would like to wear daily, it’s worth considering adding a back up. Especially for those enjoying having a more minimalist wardrobe. You don’t have to wear exactly the same thing, but think about what you don’t want to run out of. 


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The more we can all plan a little in advance the better the wardrobe and sometimes trying something new that is available also can lead to a new favourite. You might have a lot of clothing, but what do you actually wear. Let’s start there.

Stores will come and go, brands will come and go, styles will come and go, but the concept of buying long lasting, timeless, well made clothing that suits you is here to stay.

And for those who like the nitty gritty. Ideal shopping time for Spring/Summer on the clothing calendar is Mid March- mid May and for Fall/Winter is mid August -mid October. Not that there aren’t options outside these times - but that’s when there is the best selection.

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