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Litterless Lunch Kit
Litterless Lunch Kit
Litterless Lunch Kit


Litterless Lunch Kit

We put together two of our our best selling lunch kits that will pack up your healthy lunches in practical style or be great to have on hard at the office or in your bag when take out or leftovers happen. They are also great to take with you on a road-trip, vacation or for picnics.

The Standard Kit is great for the minimalist, for the tween, teen or young adult with just the basics. It's $45 ( regular retail is $57) It goes in the dishwasher, is plastic free, BPA and lead free as well. Follow the links to learn more about each piece 

It includes:

1 lunch box

1 snack box 

1 condiment container

1 mini spork ( not pictured)

They all fit together inside the lunch box and can be used together or separately, but when finished, can all be packed into one. 



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