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Minimalist Wardrobe for Maternity

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We met Erica Grenci several years ago when she was part of a wellness retreat and have enjoyed watching her life and career continue to develop. She's a naturopath who has a practice in the Junction and an expectant Mom, so we reached out and asked her if she would help us share some of our favourite styles that work well for maternity. 

In this throwback shot she is wearing one of our other favourite recommendations for expecting and new moms the PAI top from FIG...pictured with Irina and Alli in 2016


You know we love a good personalized capsule...but what better time to have a minimalist wardrobe then during pregnancy! Comfortable, soft and stretchy natural fibres make great clothing for the expanding bump and they keep their shape and are easy to launder, so they can continue to be worn postpartum too. We did a quick photoshoot with Erica and then asked her expert opinion on a few things. Here's our interview:

Pictured here is the "starter kit" we would recommend. Bamboo tank, leggings and this super versatile Poncho. Some even love this for breastfeeding too. we know there are likely some pregnancy specific pieces needed, but some women don't love having to shift from natural fibres for maternity. 

Q/ Do you think there's a connection between natural fibres in our clothing and our health?

A/ Absolutely! We detox heavily through the pores of our skin and can only do so effectively if we’re wearing breathable clothing fibres. Natural materials like cotton, hemp, wool, linen, hemp, cashmere, or silk allow for this process to happen and have additional health benefits as well. Linen for example, contains natural anti-bacterial properties and can help to combat inflammatory skin conditions, prevent fungal diseases, while also being highly absorbent to perspiration instead of trapping it like a synthetic fabric. Even more, synthetic fabrics not only hinder detoxification but unfortunately ADD more toxins into the mix! Polyester, acrylic, rayon, acetate, nylon, and anything static or stain resistant are highly chemically processed, some of which contain cancer-causing chemicals like polycrylonitriles that can be absorbed through your skin simply by wearing these materials. Not to mention their terrible impact on the environment.


Erica is wearing a bamboo wrap dress and bamboo blazer.....both are machine washable and can be worn many different ways 


Q/ We find that some people start to pay attention more to what they’re bringing into their homes once they have a family. Are there any things you think are especially important to consider when planning to make your home ready or things everyone could be doing to lessen their toxins?


A/ Oh gosh yes! It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately myself :) In the kitchen I’ve eliminated my teflon-coated cookware, aluminum as well as any plastics and replaced them with stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, and glass for storage containers. All my cleaning products are eco-friendly and contain zero fragrance (essential oils only!). I’ve gotten rid of my plastic wrap and use your beeswax covers instead - LOVE those. I don’t use any synthetic air fresheners, I have wool dryer balls to replace dryer sheets, and lately I’ve been using the Sapadilla laundry detergent and am very happy with it. I’ve even started making my own cleaning solution for the floor and counter tops, which I have to say has been an excellent replacement to anything harsh I’ve used in the past. I use beeswax or hemp candles instead of lead - what a difference. It’s incredible how many things can contribute to toxins in your home and I feel so much better knowing that I’ve swapped everything I can for a cleaner and more sustainable replacement. 


If you're interested in some replacements for single-use items, check out our Less Waste Solutions online or throughout the shop. 


Wearing the same leggings and tank and then we added a cute cropped t-shirt and jacket from one of our new Made in Canada brands. 


Q/ Is there anything that Logan & Finley can do to help families with low waste living?

 A/ Keep doing what you’re doing :) I love how you offer so many of these solutions I’ve mentioned above - and more! I’ve come across countless amazing finds at your store including those recyclable produce bags. Those have been essential in converting my lifestyle towards more low waste, especially since I do loads of grocery shopping. And I also can’t get enough of your beautifully curated finds which makes switching to this way of living even more exciting. I adore my reusable cup by the way - thrilled to use it instead of getting disposable cups every time I’d like to order a golden milk latte away from home (it all adds up!).


Thank you for offering such an amazing space that not only educates but supplies the tools necessary in caring for both ourselves and the environment!

Thank you so much Erica for sharing your thoughts on our shop and living a healthy, low waste lifestyle and for letting us capture you in some of our pregnancy friendly clothing. We're excited to "meet" your little one soon! 


And for any of you out there needing some help to build your own minimalist wardrobe, we are here to help. We stock natural fibre versatile clothing and love helping people find just the right pieces for them. While we don't sell "maternity" clothing, we have helped dress many a mom!  If you're a Toronto area new mom or in the planning a family stage of your life - join us at the Bump to Baby Show on June 2nd at Wychwood Barns. 

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