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Our Chat with Ingrid from Clementine Fields

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I met Ingrid when I first opened Logan & Finley and she has become a friend over the years since and has been instrumental in me putting my best face forward in the past few years with her excellent skin care and make-up recommendations from her shop Clementine Fields  Ingrid's passion for eco-friendly living is inspiring and she sure does look beautiful in the outfits we put together for her.

Here's our interview with her:

What inspired you to open a business that was eco-friendly? 

I was dealing with health issues and we adopted a baby. I was becoming obsessed about toxins and chemicals in our home and I was finding it difficult to find skincare that was clean and beautiful, so my husband and I decided to open our own boutique. Honestly , we were quite naive and we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. I just knew I wanted to provide people options for natural products in a way that felt authentic and calming and we strive to make our customers experience joyful.


What things do you do everyday to try and reduce your impact on the environment?

 I carry reusable bags and cutlery on me at all times. I also keep glass water bottles and mugs in my purse. If I am going to get take out or going to the market I will bring my own containers and cloth bags. I try to buy produce with no packaging. I’m not perfect but I am trying really hard to buy consciously and low waste. It’s not always convenient , but neither are floods and heat waves and animals dying off. If we all could do our best the earth would be so much better off. I walk down the street and see so many people drinking out of disposable cups. I don’t get it, it’s such an easy fix.. Bring your own mug!! As Margaret Atwood says, ‘we are pooping plastic’. It’s not good.

If you're interested to find some of your own reusable options, we have a selection here in our Less Waste Solutions Collection. 

What do you like about shopping at Logan & Finley - any favourite finds?

I love that Julie keeps bringing me pieces to try on until I find what I am looking for. I love that the clothes she carries are made consciously and sustainably. I just picked up a few tops that I adore, they are perfect for spring and super cute! 

And now there are refillable products where you can buy detergents/soaps/natural cleaners and then go back to Logan & Finley to refill the empty containers . I find that incredibly satisfying and fun! She also carries great options for gifts, especially for people who are difficult to buy for.

Dish Soap in a refillable glass container, plastic-free sponge, pot scrubber and dish brush all available online or in the shop and you're welcome to bring your own containers for our refillable options as well. 

What are some of your favourite or best selling products that you'd like people to check out this spring?

I love the multi purpose coloured balms we carry from Olio E Osso. They are lovely on lips and cheeks and leave your skin luminous looking with a sheer flush of colour. We also do incredibly well with Raw Elements Eco Formula for Face and Body, it is 30 SPF and is available in a plastic free tin! Beuti Skincare’s Beauty Sleep Elixir is a wonderful serum that has anti-inflammatory properties and leaves the skin glowing . Kate Middleton uses it and it has gotten incredible press.

There's a link to Clementine Fields above if you want to check out any of Ingrid's Picks for Spring. And if you want some help with your personal style or are interested in some Less Waste Solutions, we are here to help! 

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