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How My Logan & Finley Lifestyle Came To Be

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I am a small business owner, mother to boys, wife, community volunteer, gratitude practicing seeker of good in the world. I have been shopping with Logan & Finley since the beginning in part because shopping there makes my life easy, and the Logan & Finley products make me feel good on all levels. It is important to me to shop Canadian and I value brands that I consider ethical and sustainable. Since Logan & Finley incorporates these values into their product line it makes it easy for me to trust the products without have to do the research myself or shopping in a lot of different places.

Back in the first few panicky weeks of the COVID pandemic, I made some key decisions – a personal strategy if you will, for how I was going to navigate a period of time that was feeling somewhat scary and very uncertain. At that time, I decided:

I was going to buy Canadian products wherever I could.

I was going to purchase from small, independently owned businesses wherever I could.

I was going to be intentional about creating a physical, mental and emotional space that made me feel good every day.

I was going to do a better job of reducing waste in my life.

At the time I decided if I was going to be forced into a simpler life, I was going to embrace it rather than focusing on what I was losing or missing out on.

Enter Logan & Finley – a company I already loved that had the product line and expertise to help me check all these boxes. As Julie started building out her website and I started paying more attention to her product offering beyond clothes I found so many things to incorporate into my life. The other day I was sitting in my home workspace feeling particularly joyful and I noticed just how much Logan & Finley has become part of my day. I started this post as a message to Julie about how the selection of offerings she has curated have become an integral part of my daily life and routine.

Hot drinks are comfort to me, and I bookend my days with treats from Logan & Finley. My husband and I are coffee lovers, and last year we decided to start grinding out own beans (so much better than the Keurig coffee we used to drink). We have since become die-hard fans of Las Chicas Breakfast Roast Coffee. It is the perfect way to start each day – and I love that it comes from another small family business in St. Thomas, Ontario. My wind down tea every night is Ashwaganda & Chill. I have always been a fan of chamomile tea, but this blend is like nothing I’ve ever tasted. I have enjoyed all the Lake & Oak teas I’ve purchased through Logan & Finley but the Ashwaganda & Chill is definitely my favourite.

My mask of choice these days is the Linen Blend Face Mask. I love it because it is big enough to comfortably cover my nose, mouth and chin. I like the adjustability of it, and most importantly I wear glasses and find my glasses don’t fog up wearing this one. I have all 3 colours now and find I can easily co-ordinate with any outfit. My masks have been washed over and over and are holding up really well.  I roll the CARRY-ON aromatherapy blend into my mask a few times a day because I just can’t get enough of the energizing scent.

There are a couple of other great smells that have entered my life through Logan & Finley. The first comes from Fenwick Candles. When I’m working from home (and therefore not wearing a mask) I burn the peppermint candle all day. I find this the perfect scent to keep me focused. My end of the day treat is the Velvet Eye Mask. I actually don’t put this over my eyes too often but I sleep with it on my pillow every night. It has hands down the best ever lavender scent I have ever smelled. In the past with other lavender scented products or sachets, I’ve found the scent doesn’t last, but this one has remained strong for months now. I am the kind of person who often has a racing mind when I lie down to go to sleep and I find the lavender scent helps me to relax and drift off to sleep.

One of my staple products these days is the Get the Funk Out Hand Sanitizer. I have never been a fan of hand sanitizer, because I hate the idea of covering my hand in chemicals. Enter COVID and all of a sudden, I was having to sanitize my hands a bajillion times per day. I am so grateful to have discovered this fresh smelling natural sanitizer that doesn’t dry my hands out as badly as some of the other sanitizers available on the market. The little spray bottle it comes in is super handy (I now have one everywhere).  For me the hand sanitizing is usually followed up with Matter Hand Cream which I have sworn never to be without again. I love the fresh light scent and it is truly one of the best hand creams I have every used.

While using all these amazing products, I tend to be dressed head to toe in clothing I’ve purchased at Logan & Finley. The quality, versatility and comfort of clothes from Logan & Finley simply cannot be overstated. I tend to be a big fan of FIG. I would call the OPA pant my pandemic pant – they literally go from work to Pilates in my little basement gym. They are a nice weight for the winter months and wash incredibly well. I have pair that is 3 years old and still looks fantastic. Since last summer I have been washing all my clothes using the Bare Home Lavender & Sage Laundry detergent. This detergent smells heavenly when you’re using it but doesn’t leave a heavy scent on your clothes. I was skeptical at first that this product would work as well as the traditional detergent I used on my boys’ dirty, smelly clothes but it’s been fantastic. Best of all, it doesn’t aggravate the sensitive skin that my whole family seems to be plagued with.

As I reflect on these favourites, it makes me feel good that these are all Canadian businesses, including some very small Canadian companies. More and more I am finding Logan & Finley to be my one stop shop for the lifestyle I want.

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