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Stumbling Onto A Conscious Way to Shop

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About 5 years ago when walking along Queen Street waiting for an appointment up the road, I came across Logan & Finley.  I went in just to see what the store had.  I didn't know about the philosophy of the store but I have always been drawn to small, non chain stores.  This was the first time I met Julie, she told me about her eco general store and helped me pick out a few things.  I had always thought that I was living a healthy and low impact life, but being in her store I reflected back and saw a lot of waste in my life and also a lot of ill- informed decisions on clothing.  
I am a female professional slowly reaching 40, well maybe not so slowly. I have a huge eco footprint due to my work and the requirement to travel.  I have spent some years away from home and living out of suitcases for over 85% of the year.  And this has been my career since I was in my mid 20's.  In having such a big footprint, when I met Julie, my eyes were opened up to a different way of shopping.  No more disposable clothing and I have always tried to buy local, but I didn't always do that with clothing.  
Over the years I have split my time between Toronto and the west coast and whenever I am in Toronto I always would make at least one visit to Logan and Finley.  Thinking of not only fashion, local and sustainable items, but also someone that is always open to give you an honest opinion on how something looks on you if you ask.  Julie and her desire to think of the planet and our future on it is something I wish all businesses large and small would take into account.  With a small business you have someone that truly cares about your experience and puts all their energy into keeping their dream alive. 
To date, clothing items I have purchased from  Logan and Finley make up the majority of my key staples.  I think I have every Miik tank top and legging colour, you just can't go wrong.  I have every colour of the OPA pant as well, which during the pandemic have been amazing.  Whether I am getting on another plane, going to a client site or nowadays sitting at home working, these items make up my daily wardrobe.
I have an item in every room of my house from Logan & Finley.  My favourite items, second of course to my comfortable wardrobe are the Turkish towels in my bathroom.  They are simple and clean neutral colours and they are a talking point when guests come over, at least they were when we had guests allowed over.   
In my kitchen, I use my unpaper towels everyday and I also just ordered the unpaper towels on the roll and I am very excited.  When we stop and look at the items that end up in our waste bin and truly think about is it necessary, it is eye opening.  Logan & Finley helps by making the research and leg work into finding these eco conscious options easy and I am grateful to Julie for that.  It isn't easy.
On my nightstand I have multiple books from Logan & Finley and hands down my favourite, especially during these trying times is The Little Book of Hygge and also the 52 Lists Project.  The Hygge is about finding joy and happiness and the 52 Lists for me is about setting goals, big or small and working towards them. 
2020 was a year none of us were prepared for and I am in the privileged group where I didn't worry about losing my job or worrying about mortgage payments.  Over the past couple years I would always pop in to see Julie and do a good clothing shop and when this pandemic hit I knew small businesses would hit and would be hit hard.  I watched in awe how Julie pivoted during this pandemic.  Trying to stay with her head above water and providing great options for her customers.  I think in 2020 my surprise box count hit at least 8, they are amazing for gifts for family and friends, but honestly during this detached life we are living from family and friends, I bought myself a couple surprise boxes.  Having something come in the mail for me, that I didn't pick out online, having a nice handwritten note and something to open was a gift to myself. 
These are trying times and Julie and Logan & Finley have provided me a level of joy.  As a customer, I feel good about every purchase I make as I know I am supporting local and eco conscious businesses, but I also know that every purchase I make can help keep the doors of Logan & Finley open.  I also know that Julie is one person and working hard to allow all of us to have a great experience in these new ways of life.  Let's take note from the philosophy of Logan & Finley, be respectful and be kind.  The store is about respecting and being kind to our planet, let's take that and translate it to all our interactions.  If you truly believe in small business and supporting them, then know that true small business is maybe 1 or 2 people on the other side of the business logo.  Let's be kind and be respectful of those people who are working so hard to keep their business and dreams alive.  
As we are now in a new year let's be sure to be respectful to one another and be kind.  And if you are feeling a bit low, I would recommend a surprise box for yourself, it truly is a gift that makes you smile and we all need to smile.  
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