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Monday Night Conversations

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We sat down with 5 really interesting women this fall to hear their stories, find out how they were coping with life during a pandemic and to talk about one of our favourite topics - living a more sustainable lifestyle. Each of the conversations are saved in IGTV in our Instagram profile if you would like to watch. 

Here are a few of the things I learned:

pictured wearing the Emily Blazer and the Rachel Skinny Jean, both made in Canada

 Heather Storey, a long time Logan & Finley customer and brand new Real Estate Agent with The Storey Team bubbles over with infectious positive energy and teaches us that it's never to late to re-invent yourself. 

When we were talking, I realized that Heather like so many of the women who shop at Logan & Finley, might have come for the clothing and are loving having a more functional wardrobe filled with go to favourites, but also have embraced choosing more sustainable options for their homes and gifts as well. Here's a close facsimile of what Heather has given as client gifts - we don't want to spoil any surprises of course! 


Next up was Briana Krushelnicki a Toronto therapist. Bri has been a customer for a few years, and we often compare notes about what it's like to work retail, especially for a small business. ( she works at Bike Shop too) But what seems to have resonated with me the most from our talk and I know also with many of you, was her description of our "window of tolerance"  and that it might be a little bit smaller these days. I'm linking to our talk here for those who haven't had the chance to listen, since I know so many of you have shared with me that you found this to be a really helpful point of view. 

Pictured wearing the Grande Cardigan, the Teresa Top & the Byrne Midi Skirt

 Bri is the opposite to Heather, she came for the less waste solutions we have and then started to invest in her wardrobe as well. I know starting a business during a pandemic might be difficult, but I find her personality and what she shares on Instagram to be inspiring so I know she will be a very supportive therapist to those who match up with her style. Here's a link to a post she shared on how to pick a therapist. 


Pictured are the May you Find Joy card set, The Little Book of Hygge & one of our custom made Ceramic Coasters 


Adrienne Enns, the founder of the May You Know Joy brand joined us next and she lit up every picture she was in and really did deliver the joy. One of the cards from her new intention card sets is shown above and she was encouraging us to try and take the opportunity to find the joy everyday. 


Pictured Viviana Sweater and the Nicol Jeans 

Here's a quote from her website:

"My life philosophy is simple.

Intentional living means we choose how we’re going to show up in the world. It connects us to our deepest truth, our highest good and our most fulfilling life. Being intentional is about being mindful and choosing. Choosing joy is one of those choices.

We all have raw material in our lives and it’s what we do with it that matters."

Adrienne helps individuals and groups with living with intentions and has an online program you can check our and also a podcast, where I was thrilled to check something off my bucket list. I wanted to be a guest on a podcast and was thrilled to have this opportunity. Here's a link if you'd like to give it a listen!


Pictured Asha Cardigan, Dharma Top & Tillaa Jeans


Reena Parekh was so kind to say yes, when I asked her to join us. I had seen her on social media ( we have a mutual friend) and I admired what she shared in her posts and her hustle to pivot her training business to online, during the quarantine, with her kids at home and gyms closed)  She specialized in postpartum fitness and has just launched a new program for strength training for new moms. The link to her site is above.

What I learned from our chat that has resonated with me the most, was a podcast she had listened to and recommended. I listened and helped me to understand better something that had been perplexing me for the past 4 years. Give it a list and then let's talk....we have some considerable work to do.

Listen to Brene Brown's interview with Sonja Renee Taylor  


Pictured here is the Matter Hand Cream

I've kind of been obsessed with Matter products for years, I found them originally at the One of a Kind Show and asked if I could represent them to all my "outdoor" clients when I was a sales rep. So, I have know Denise for a while and admire the thought and care she puts in to making her natural skincare line.  I'm proud to sell it in the shop and it was fun to sit down with Denise and here her story about starting her business.

What I learned most from talking to her was that I think the reason some small businesses succeed is the passion that's deeply rooted in the soul of the person who creates the business and Matter Company was started to bring Denise's love of the outdoors, and the therapeutic benefits of herbal remedies into people's lives. 

Pictured here Helmi sweater and Rachel Jeans

Thanks to Heather, Briana, Adrienne, Reena & Denise for joining us, Stefanie for capturing the pictures and setting the scene for our conversations and all of you who joined us. Let's keep doing our best to keep the conversation going, keep in touch and share our gifts with each other. I think it helps!

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