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Michelle's Wardrobe Update

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It’s been almost a year since my wardrobe overhaul with Julie. It’s difficult to remember what my closet looked like before but it’s been pretty damn gorgeous since! Julie graced me with her comforting expertise and delicious sustainable basics at a time when my clothing was looking pretty ragged and I was beyond overwhelmed with how to dress myself or where to start a closet makeover (not to mention, I was a couple sizes larger than most of my pieces at the time). In the warm glow of the store, surrounded by soft fabrics and feel good vibes, we built a wardrobe filled with special staples that worked well together - a year later, I still love them and am wearing them. Julie offered me a crash course in wearing clothes, here’s what I learned:

This is Michelle in one of her outfits from last spring/summer and the necklace she is talking about below

Sparkle girl! And if you don’t feel a sparkle, fake it. I have never been the type of person to buy accessories: never owned a watch, never wore earrings, and my jewelry box is tucked into the back of my storage unit. With a little nudge from Julie (who is always sparkling!) I took home a long Liel and Lentz silver necklace, black gemstone earrings, a staple cork handbag, and a watercolour scarf. These items have totally up’d my love for getting dressed. Suddenly, I toss on a necklace and I’m “together”. And on days when I’m feeling like nothing but my old t-shirt will do, a pair of earrings really jazzes up plain cotton. I have expanded my accessory collection minimally since last spring, wear one or two pieces daily, and walk out of the house with a little more sparkle in my step!


Sometimes it's worth trying...could you wear your jean jacket over a tunic? Can you wear a pattern with stripes? This can come down to personal style, but we love how Michelle wears a scarf! 

  • Be true to myself. I have never had a sense of style. Walking in to Logan & Finley (or any store) I beeline it for the baggy tank tops - these are my comfort zone but as I’ve been reminded by friends not an actual “style”. Julie didn’t try to change me, but rather embraced this comfort zone and improved it with a jean jacket. This jacket (along with a more dressy blazer type, too) goes with every tank and is a mix-and-match staple piece dream. It makes me feel like a million bucks. Best of all, I can focus on buying silly tank tops and the jacket, amp’d up with a scarf or accessory (see #1!), pulls it together in to a complete ensemble. Jean jacket/basic blazer = my #1 style!
  • We like showing you a few different ways to wear your items. Sometimes in the process, we realize one is a better fit for someone's style, but it's nice to be able to have versatility in your wardrobe so you get the most wear from your favourite clothing. 

  • Can I get dressed in the dark? The consultation process with Julie is pretty fabulous: I get to try everything on and pick what I like. Then, I sit back and watch the magic happen as Julie pares down my favs to the pieces that mix and match together. Can each piece make three outfits? If yes, proceed to check-out. If no, assess my joy-factor for it. Basically I walked out of there with a handful of pieces and 3x the outfits! So instead of staring at my closet for 40 minutes in the morning hoping something (anything!) will jump out at me, I harness my mantra of “what would Julie pick” and know that everything is already working for me.



    It's funny to me the way people describe what I do, but I am helpful, sometimes downright bossy when it comes to sorting out the right choices, but I like it when it all makes sense to you and you leave with just the right things for you. No one thing works for all.

    These were my big takeaways from last spring and since then I’ve worn all my pieces throughout the seasons, except for two items that feel spring and summer exclusive to me. Now that I have the basics in my closet, I add pieces in seasonally that spark joy (shout-out to Marie Kondo!). Since I like getting dressed now that clothes fit AND I feel like I’m fully expressing my gorgeous self, I look at the store with an eye for special items that compliment me and make me feel fantastic. This includes a pair of earrings that literally sparkle and I wear almost every day!  

    Thanks Michelle, for coming back and showing us all the ways you're enjoying your outfits and letting us help you create more. You definitely sparkle! And hope if you're reading this that you know it takes some time and some work to find the style that works for you, but we're here to help and I do take appointments if anyone is interested!

    Link to Wardrobe Consultation

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