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Summer Style Influenced by the Coastal Grandmother ( don't need to be a Grandmother!)

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We've enjoyed sharing this Summer's "trend" : The Coastal Grandmother with you and will share some of the top items we have if you like this style and want to work on a Summer Capsule that will last you for many years, but Linen, which is a key fabric choice for this look has been a stylish and sustainable fabric for hot weather for years and is a really great timeless option for your wardrobe. Click HERE to see our Linen Collection

From a blog post on sustainable fibres READ ABOUT MORE HERE

On par with hemp, linen remains traditionally and historically one of the best and most sustainable fabrics to date.

 Made from the flax plant, linen production uses the plant in its entirety, lessening waste from the get go. Flax is easily grown and quickly replenishable, using far less water than cotton, and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, making linen production very sustainable (this when dew-retting or enzyme-retting is used, not water-retting).

 Linen as a fabric has a very long lifetime, as it’s one of the most durable fabrics out there. With a recent resurrection, linen clothing is coming back as people seek ways to lessen their fashion footprint. Linen is breathable, durable, lightweight, absorbent, antimicrobial, naturally moth-resistant, and cooling, making it perfect for summer days. It also reduces gamma radiation almost by half, protecting us from solar radiation. It’s the only fabric that is stronger when wet, and like hemp, becomes softer with use. Also, like hemp, micro-fibres from linen are of no concern, as they will naturally biodegrade in the water.

 Linen pieces that are left undyed or naturally dyed will biodegrade 100% with time, making it sustainable and earth-friendly.

And here's a fun list from to see if you are/or aspire to being a "coastal grandmother"

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Here’s a list of 10 things a coastal grandmother would do: 

  1. Steal her lover’s work button-down and wear it with worn-in jeans to dinner 
  2. Keep a pocket notebook to write poetic phrases when inspiration strikes 
  3. Pick fresh peonies from her garden (and just tend to a garden in general) 
  4. Exclusively use Le Labo laundry detergent  ( we prefer eco friendly options like Bare Home liquid or Good Juju strips)
  5. Open a bottle of red wine at 4 pm 
  6. Take long walks on the beach (either solo or with her beloved dog) 
  7. Wear a signature stack of gold jewelry, curated over time from flea markets 
  8. Swear by a capsule wardrobe—white, tan and shades of blue and green only ( of course you know we'd love to help you with yours!)
  9. Invite her friends over every week for afternoon tea 
  10. Show up to every occasion in a straw hat ( one of these maybe? Rosie or Fiona)


Neutral Colours are KEY and for the summer we like all things this off-white, since most people are more comfortable to wear off white (vs white) year round. We style it here in all neutrals with the  made in Canada Cropped Organic Jean & Zen Top

The Long Linen Top & a Straw Hat work for this look and and can be great options for travel too as they are cool to wear but look stylish too.

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What ever your style, we have great sustainable clothing to suit the hot summer weather and love to help with styling suggestions for options you can wear for at least three seasons too to build or update your Capsule Wardrobe!




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