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Seasonal Wardrobe Update Tips

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We were excited to work with Kaili from Kaili Ets Family Wellness on a seasonal update to her wardrobe.  We asked if she would help us show what this looked like, since we know her style pretty well since she's also a loyal customer. We met, I think, at my first Bump to Baby Show and she's been busy since, adding a second child to her family and starting her own business and we love her style! 
What is a Seasonal Update you ask? 
This can definitely mean different things to different people, depending on your situation. There are times when our bodies or lifestyles/work situations change and we need to do more, but for most who have been either exploring a more minimalist style or "uniform", it's adding a few key pieces each season to freshen up your wardrobe, find more outfits from the things you already have and/or replace some things that no longer serve you. 
Here's what we asked Kaili: 
1/ what do you love about your wardrobe
2/ what are you currently working on and/or need some help to improve
3/ what's a go to outfit that you always love wearing
4/ can you describe your style?  and your average day to day?  
5/ is there something in your current wardrobe that you love but don't know how to wear?
6/ is the idea of a capsule wardrobe of interest to you? why/why not?
Kaili's Wardrobe Goals were to be colourful, fun and comfortable. She needs to be able to get on the floor and be comfortable when she is coaching moms and playing with kids and she also needs to look professional when she's at a conference or on a skype call. She likes the idea of minimizing, but also likes colours and patterns and doesn't want her wardrobe to be too boring - both things people struggle with when starting this transition. She fortunately has family who are happy to use the things she wants to eliminate from her wardrobe and she has lots of tunics and leggings and colour already, so we added one new comfortable and professional outfit with each piece able to serve her in many different ways and we added some dark wash denim jeans, so she has another option that's not leggings. And we didn't go with the tunic leggings since they weren't the colour she was looking to add and she does have lots of these options already. 
Here are the steps for you:
1. Review what you have. Clean, repair, alter anything you like that still fits both your body and your style and makes you feel good. 
2. Think about what you think might be missing from your everyday wardrobe. could you use a new pair of pants? Are your basic layers in good condition? Let's face it, if you buy the great quality clothing we sell, they don't wear out very fast do they?! But sometimes when you are always reaching for the same thing and pulling it out of the dirty laundry pile to wear again.....might be time to add another favourite to your roster!
3. Decide what your wardrobe "goals" are. Could you use a slightly more polished/less casual look? Would you like to wear more colour? Are you intrigued by a seasonal trend? If you've got all the basics covered, maybe you could use a couple of new sweaters to wear with your jeans, maybe one of these long cardigans to take your jeans and t-shirt up a notch? 
Remember, we're here to help. We always have the one on one consultations available if you could use a little more help or are on a tighter budget. Shopping strategically for just what you need, and buying long lasting pieces can be a bit of an investment up front, but can actually save you money if you only buy pieces that you will actually use. 
If you're putting away your summer clothing - the things that don't layer well for all year round, do an inventory of them, to help you out next Spring. Ask yourself the first question above. And if you're going to wash some hand washable items, we recommend Soak, since it cuts the rinsing step, is really effective, made from non-toxic ingredients here in Toronto. And here's a link to a how to hand wash from local sustainable blogger Candace Tay.  And check out Candice Batista and the Eco Hub.....she shares some tips for how to get rid of your discarded clothing in a responsible way and links to Toronto resources, but there are likely similar resources where you live. I personally find asking a local shelter if they could use "fill in the blank" is my first step and then deliver the items they need in person, so you know it's actually going to be used. 
Jessica Pettway photograph for the New York Times
And our BEST tip....and what we're really passionate about is choosing great quality long lasting clothing that suits you...and we're thrilled that this is resonating with so many of you and being covered in articles like this one from the New York Times. "how to buy clothes that are built to last"  If you take the time to invest in clothing or other things that are useful it can simplify and also create less waste. 
Here's more about Kaili and we have linked her website above if you would like to learn more about her and/or could benefit from her services:
"I’m Kaili Ets, a fellow mom of two lovely young kids. My goal is to become a part of the concept of the 'Village', to foster your family’s support network to positively impact the health and well-being of parents and children alike.I love nurturing play with my two young children, as well as with my clients. I believe the best way to learn is through guided play, laughter, and having fun in a supportive and positive environment. I take pride in blending my personal passion for yoga, nutrition, and natural wellness tools into my practice, as I have come to realize the importance of sharing their therapeutic benefits with the children and families I work with. Helping moms, babies, and kids navigate the journey of life with confidence and care."
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