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Logan & Finley Community Profile - Meet Adrienne

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Logan & Finley Community Profile - Meet Adrienne, Chief Joy Curator at May You Know Joy.  


"I personally love how our May You Know products (intention cards and journals)
align with Logan & Finley's core values. To us, being intentional means showing up each day in our lives in a purposeful way – creating a life that is mindful and conscious. This is the exactly the same energy that goes into living a green, sustainable lifestyle. Although our acts can sometimes feel small, it’s the effort that we put into daily conscious choices that can have a very great impact." 

Q/ How would you define your lifestyle?

A/ I would describe my lifestyle as intentional and joyful. I create time for purpose and for adventure. I’m grateful to having a very full and rich life.

Q/ Is spending time in nature important to you? Tell us why! 
A/ Yes! I love disconnecting and getting out in nature. It fills my soul, grounds me and reminds me to savour the moment exactly as it is.


Q/ On a scale between 1-10, how ‘Green’ would you say you are?
A/ I’d say 7/10 because this is something that’s important to me and yet, I always feel like there’s lots of room for improvement.


Q/ What excites you about choosing a sustainable lifestyle?
A/ I value simplicity and honouring our earth.


Q/ If you were to give advice to others about embarking on a ‘greener’ life and
style, where/how would you tell them to start? 
A/ I think a great place to start is with a re-usable water bottle and shopping bags. It’s so simple and is a great daily step in the right direction.

Q/ What are you passionate about? Where do you find inspiration?
I am passionate about helping people live intentionally and create lives of purpose. I find inspiration in talking to people. I love it when we show up as our most raw and vulnerable selves. We are all here on a journey and I feel like when we are honest and open, we help each other navigate forward in the most beautiful way.

Q/ How did you hear about Logan and Finley?
I can’t even remember how Julie and I connected but, I’m so glad we did. Kindred spirits! 

Q/ What’s your most treasured item from Logan and Finley? Why?
A/ I love everything that Logan and Finley curates but, if I’m totally honest, I really love my Lole jeans. I would really love to wear them forever. LOL

Q/ What place do you think Logan and Finley has in helping Torontonians live a
greener life and style?  
A/ I think Logan and Finley has and can continue to have a great impact on
Toronto’s greener life and style. I love how Logan and Finley curates such a great mix of items that are beautiful and sustainable. Right in the heart of Queen West, they have a great impact on urban dwellers. And – their awesome social media is gorgeous, informative and directional offering great products to a wide and diverse audience. Keep up the good work! ( AHHH, thanks!!) 



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