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Ginger Creamed Honey

Ginger Creamed Honey

Two of the world's healthiest foods are blended to create a unique and wholesome anti-inflammatory product.  Ginger and honey can help boost immune systems and relieve upset stomachs,  sore throats, motion sickness, cold and flu symptoms, as well as arthritis inflammation.
Certified Organic Ginger is hand-blended with Heritage Bee's 100% Ontario Creamed Wildflower Honey in Mulmur, Ontario, Canada.   
Finest Ingredients:  Premium 100% Ontario Wildflower Creamed Heritage Bee Honey, Certified Organic Ginger (Certified Canada Organic, USDA Organic)
Size:  300 g
PAIRINGS:   By the spoonful / Tea with lemon / Smoothies  / Dip for fruit /  Overall natural wellbeing /  Baking / Ice Cream / Topping 
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