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Julie's Favourite Things Seasonal Subscription Box


Julie's Favourite Things Seasonal Subscription Box

Julie's Favourite Things Seasonal Subscription Box, is carefully curated with seasonal favourites and  introducing new and cool products I think you will love. And it's delivered to you at the beginning of each season.

Spring - delivered the first week of Spring
Summer - delivered the first week of Summer
Fall - delivered the first week of Fall
Winter - delivered the first week of Winter
Each box contains $250+ in product and a chance to see products before they are live in the shop.

"I've been getting Julie's seasonal subscription box since she started doing them and it's a no brainer every year when I can renew my subscription! I love the surprise of receiving the box and seeing what Julie curates every season! It gives me a chance to try new things and I've found some favourites this way. Highly recommend!"
"I have subscribed to Julie’s boxes for years, and every one has been both fun and practical. There’s the suspense that comes with the arrival of each box, the fun of unwrapping the packages within the box, and the surprise of discovering how much I like and use Julie’s selection of things I didn’t even know existed. Christmas four times a year - my favourite treat!"

"I absolutely adore Julie's favorite things subscription boxes! Her thematic choices for each season align perfectly with the times, making every unboxing a delightful experience. It's as if she can read my mind; the items she curates are precisely what I've been thinking of treating myself to. The excitement of trying new things adds an extra layer of joy. Even on the rare occasion when there's something I don't love, Julie's impeccable taste ensures that I'm well-prepared for thoughtful gift-giving. It's a subscription that consistently delivers happiness and surprises."

"I love getting my seasonal box, it’s crammed full of interesting and thoughtfully curated items that I have never tried. So it’s super fun and while most of it is for me, it also helps fill my gift cupboard for hostess or Birthday gifts, highly recommend!"
"I like all of Julie's gift boxes but there is something extra special about the seasonal boxes. A perfectly curated box that comes 4 times a year - always filled with the most unique and perfect seasonal treats.I definitely recommend this as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else (or both)!"

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