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Nail Polish - Base Coat & Top Coat
Nail Polish - Base Coat & Top Coat
Nail Polish - Base Coat & Top Coat

Nail Polish - Base Coat & Top Coat

BKind's nail care duo includes a base coat and a top coat: the essential for a long-lasting, flawless manicure.
The base coat acts as a nail hardener and protects the finished manicure from chipping and peeling, while the top coat guarantees a long-lasting and luminous finish. Both are available separately too. 

The non toxic, vegan and fast drying base coat allows you to have a long-lasting manicure without compromising the health of your nails.Fortifying and protecting, the BKind base coat contains garlic oil: it acts as a nail hardener while protecting the finished manicure from chipping and peeling. BKind nail polishes are 10-FREE, means they don’t contain any of the 10 chemicals we usually find in regular nail polishes. They exclude formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, DPB, xylene and paraben, perfumes and animal products from its list of ingredients.

Finish your mani or pedi the right way with  non toxic and vegan Matte Top coat: perfect matte finish. 

  • To provide a kinder option, this top coat is vegan, 72% plant-based and 21-FREE, meaning it's free from 21 toxic ingredients normally found in nail polishes. Now you can enjoy beautiful colored nails while respecting animals, the environment and yourself!
  • fast drying top coat adds a perfect matte finish to your manicure or pedicure and hides imperfections.
  • It also contains a UV inhibitor which prevents yellowing.

 How to use:  First, apply the base coat on your nails and let it dry completely. Apply your favourite nail polish colour, then finish your manicure with the top coat.

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