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Magnetic Soap Holder
Magnetic Soap Holder

Magnetic Soap Holder

This Jumbo holder from Savont works with soaps up to 250 g (9 oz)!
  • Equipped with a super-strong magnet
  • Fitted with a larger suction cup: 5.2 cm (2 in) diameter and very strong adhesion
  • Holds very large soap bars up to 250 g (9 oz) such as the big Aleppo bar soaps
  • Packaged in environmentally friendly packaging
Produced in Germany; furnished with a high-performance suction cup and a super-strong magnet for the firmest hold that allows you to store heavy soaps bar inside the sink, tub, or shower without touching surfaces.
Storing your soap bar with the Savont holder is not only super convenient, but it also allows for it to dry suspended from any surface that would otherwise keep it soggy, thereby extending its lifespan.
Made in Germany. Soap bar not included.
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