Lavami 3 Soap Sets

Lavami 3 Soap Sets

Choose one of the hand and body soap sets from below. 

Soap Set 1

Lavender - Handmade all natural soap with the gentle smell of lavender that will soothe and calm the body and provide gentle exfoliation.

Grove - Woody, bright and fresh, with the sound of the ocean surrounding you on all sides.

Squeeze - Inspired by one of our favourite beverages, this soap gently cleans and detoxifies with pink clay, and is bright and fresh with notes of citrus and florals.

Soap Set 2 

The Blacksmith - Village Blacksmith IBA, which is infused with potent and bitter hops, comes together with all-natural ingredients to make the perfect soap for removing dirt, soot and grime. With added charcoal, pine, anise, clove and orange the Blacksmith is sure to raise the spirits as well as give your skin a thorough and refreshing cleansing.

The Forager - Charcoal and coffee ground soap with strong pine notes, earthy undertones, subtle spice, and a touch of sweetness. 

Coffee - Exfoliating handmade soap with cinnamon, vanilla and finely ground coffee from Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.



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