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Cue Calm's sticks are made out of bamboo, wood powder and joss powder. and they dip the incense into high quality essential oils and an organic liquid solvent to ensure the scent is strong and long lasting. Pair with the brass incense holder to make a thoughtful gift.
place your incense in an incense holder. light the dark brown end of the stick. let the flame burn for a few seconds until the stick catches the flame and then carefully blow it out. smoke will begin to rise and the aroma will fill the room.
always burn in a well-ventilated area and away from flammable material. never leave burning incense unattended or near children, pets or a draft. always burn within sight.
First Light:
Vibrant and stimulating, First Light will add a feeling of freshness to your morning routine. 

Infuse your aura with vitality as you experience morning meditations & workouts in a whole new light.
Lemongrass is also known to keep insects away, making it a perfect garden party and backyard lounging scent.

Scent: Herbaceous holy basil with clove-like accents harmonizes with earthy, citrus lemongrass
Milin's Dusk:
Thoughtful and delicate, this incense captures the essence of Milin, a sanskrit word meaning unification.
A must for sunset yoga or evening stretches, this soothing blend encourages connection with yourself after a long day.

Scent: The earthy aroma of Indian frankincense is accentuated with minute traces of cedarwood.
Good Company:
Imbue the air in your gathering space with the smooth, elegant scent of Good Company

This incense is the perfect centerpiece (and conversation starter) for wine nights and gatherings with loved ones
Scent: Sweet notes of French labdanum accentuated by fresh lavender chords
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