Blossom Trivet


Blossom Trivet

The Blossom Trivet is a fun, light-weight, non-scratching silicone trivet that is both functional and beautiful. The Blossom easily turns your tabletop into a creative work of art and is perfect for all occasions.

The innovative Blossom design makes for a tremendously versatile kitchen gadget with nearly unlimited uses -in and out of the kitchen! Depending on the size and shape of the dish you’re using, you can compress or expand the Blossom to the perfect size; you can also join several sizes and/or colors creating a colorful and fun table top that is sure to bring rave reviews from family and guests alike.

Other creative uses for your Blossom include:

Coaster — Make it larger or squish it tight to make a round or square coaster

Hot Pad — Flex Blossom around a casserole dish or bowl in the oven or microwave. It won’t slip, and fits perfectly around a variety of sizes and styles of dishes. No more burnt fingers!

Table Centerpiece Decoration — Set a vase of flowers, candle or other centerpiece on top of Blossom, or stretch it around the item for a unique look.

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