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Bamboo Cotton Reusable Facial Pads
Bamboo Cotton Reusable Facial Pads

Bamboo Cotton Reusable Facial Pads

Eco-conscious, these Herb Market Botanicals’ Bamboo Cotton Reusable Facial Pads are made with a super soft, superior quality blend of 3 layer bamboo cotton fabric. Use to effectively cleanse, apply toner, and remove makeup for the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cotton rounds.
Set includes seven facial pads with cotton mesh bag.
Use to apply toner or with cleanser to effectively remove dirt, oil, and makeup.
Machine washable or hand wash and hang to dry in mesh bag. Cotton mesh bag can be used for storage and as a laundry bag to keep pads securely together in the wash.
Key Benefits:
  • Soft and hypoallergenic material; ideal for sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable material
  • Durable, superior quality pads can be used up to 1000 times before replacement
  • 3.15 inch diameter pads provide ideal surface area for facial use
  • Light-weight and travel friendly
Recommended for:
  • All skin types
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