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52 Lists for Bravery

52 Lists for Bravery

Turn your dreams into reality one list at a time with this beautiful guided journal from the bestselling author of 52 Lists for Happiness and 52 Lists for Calm.

What do you want to be brave for? Discover your dreams, build your inner strength to achieve them, and take care of yourself in the process. 52 Lists for Bravery uses easy, fun, and accessible list prompts to inspire you to live your best life. Featuring inspirational quotes, lush photography, gold foil accents, and a plush ribbon, this beautiful hardback journal includes 52 lists—one for each week of the year—and encourages you to find your bravery and turn your inspiration into the life you were meant to live.

Grow your courage inward, keep fear from getting in your way, and realize your unique talents and passions through the power of list-making! 

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