Mini Mold Jar
Mini Mold Jar

Mini Mold Jar

Embossed with the famous strawberry logo, Weck's glass jars have been the go-to choice for European home-canners since 1900. Glass lids with rubber gaskets and stainless steel clamps make it easy to create an air-tight seal. Each jar has been designed with a wide mouth for neater, quicker filling. These tapered, smaller styles are perfect sampler jars for gifting your own jams, jellies, flavored butters, spice mixes and more. A pretty sight on tables and buffets, they can also be used as candle holders or condiment servers.

  • Glass with rubber gasket and removable stainless steel clamps
  • Great size for gift-giving and party favors
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 80ml
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