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Wardrobe Consultation/Personal Shopping Appointment
Wardrobe Consultation/Personal Shopping Appointment
Wardrobe Consultation/Personal Shopping Appointment


Wardrobe Consultation/Personal Shopping Appointment

"I am a huge fan of appointments with Julie at Logan & Finley, and have now shopped this way for a few years. I was apprehensive at first – not sure what to expect and a bit concerned there would be a lot of pressure to buy more than I wanted. That has not been the case at all. My appointments feel like a one stop wardrobe refresh. I usually have an idea of what I need when I go. As I am trying on things from my wish list, Julie brings me other options, wardrobe inspiration, great conversation and typically a few laughs. I find her very genuine and honest in letting me know whether or not something suits me. My appointments always end with outfits that I love – and pieces I can mix and match to get the most out of everything I buy. The added bonus, has been that as Julie has come to know my style and size it’s easy for me to message her if I see something on her website I like and she will give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down opinion of whether it would suit me so I can shop online when I don’t have time to go in."  Customer review

Have a closet full of things, but nothing to wear? Have a hard time pulling together outfits in the morning? Changing jobs, changing style or trying to shop more sustainably? I can help! Book a one-on-one session with Julie and you will  get a link to a  private calendar to book the time that suits you best.  Julie will follow up with you, ask a few questions in advance so that she can prepare for your appointment and make sure to deliver great results. This one on one shopping is fun, supportive and personalized to be focused on you and your shopping goals.   

** PLEASE NOTE that this service is complimentary this fall

 A time that suits your busy schedule will be made available  This can also be a nice time to book to shop with friends.

Read what some others have to say about shopping by appointment  and/or have a look at our blog for a couple of reviews from previous clients and see if this sounds like it might be for you. 

Read some feedback from people who have used this service:

 "I have had the pleasure of booking multiple appointments with Julie at Logan and Finley.  These appointments allow me to schedule my time to shop and not have to worry about other people around and getting dedicated attention.  I have done solo appointments and ones with friends and family and it is always a calm, pleasant and fruitful experience.  By having the time and dedicated service I am always able to find key items for my wardrobe.  I like to schedule this for season changes so that I can do a bigger shop to start off a new season.  I highly recommend booking an appointment to anyone that likes to shop in a way this quiet, about you and not rushed"

"I always enjoy coming to Logan and Finley because Julie is always attentive and her sense of style is absolutely unmatched. Logan and Finley's new location is an amazing place, tucked away in a small quiet spot. Without the hustle and bustle, it is definitely a Toronto style oasis. It is such a great experience booking an appointment at Logan and Finley, Julie is always available to answer any questions and her passion for anything eco-friendly and sustainable shines through at every single discussion. All her recommendations are great alternatives for what we can find in big stores and definitely worth a try."






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